Rubik Asia specializes in designing and delivering an interactive and fully-engaging team building programs that are aimed at helping companies and businesses to unleash the full potential of their employees as well as bring out their best work ethics. Our company takes pride in its ability to help our clients to optimize their ROI (return on investment) with regards to building a stable and resilient work teams. We do this by planning, designing, optimizing, and delivering practical and tailor-made team building solutions that suit the needs of our corporate clients. Likewise, these team building solutions, including Vietnam team building and scavenger hunt Vietnam, are geared towards achieving long-lasting and stable results. This ensures that the investment made on team building pays off by creating a stable and highly-motivated workforce.

At Rubik Asia, we come up with ingenious ideas on how to innovate and improve new concepts that relate to team building, and then integrating these concepts with advanced technological solutions so as to create a feasible team building program/solution that caters to the unique needs of our clients – including both our repeat clients as well as new clients. Before designing any team building program, we first listen to our clients and then identify their core needs and main requirements which are used to form the template of the team building solutions that we are set to design. Likewise, we engage with our experienced and professional team of facilitators who work to ensure that the best team building solutions are created for our clients. Ultimately, this ensures that our clients get to take their employees through the best team building exercises which not only builds and consolidates team spirit, but also provides lasting benefits to both our clients and their employees.

Why Should You Choose Catalyst?

Catalyst team building programs/solutions are modeled from team building activities provided by Catalyst Global. Catalyst Global is a reputable company with a global reach, and is known for creating innovative team building products for its clientele. At the moment, Catalyst Global has representatives in more than 40 regions across the globe, and the company is constantly working on creating and developing new team building concepts, as well as improving existing motivational concepts; and thereafter merging the team building and motivational concepts into workable team building programs. It is for this reason that you should choose the team building programs, especially the Catalyst Team Building Solutions, which are offered by Catalyst Global.

Catalyst programs are known for paying meticulous attention to details and for their high standards of output delivery. Likewise, these programs are known to incorporate the extensive experience that Catalyst Global has in the realm of team building. This enables these programs to feature a complete or all-embracing portfolio of team building activities that bespoke of an off-the-shelf team building solutions. Moreover, Catalyst Global leverages its worldwide network of 40+ teams of experienced and professional team building companies that have partnered with it, so as to deliver a consistent array of high-quality and high-standard team building solutions. Rubik Asia is the partner of Catalyst Global in Vietnam, and is the only company that offers licenses to team building activities developed by Catalyst Global.

Working with You

Rubik Asia believes that coherent and professional teams form the most powerful work teams that create the bedrock of any successful company. However, to create such a work team, good leadership and teamwork are needed alongside effective communication and constructive feedback. To attune the work team to develop these skills, it is advisable that the team members engage in good team building activities. At Rubik Asia, the team building program is designed to meet the needs, knowledge set, skill level, and work experience of your (work) team members. Our professional team has the requisite experience, knowledge, and skills to create tailor-made team building activities which cater to the individual needs of your team members, as well as help your team to achieve a high level of task coordination. Likewise, our programs are designed to enhance team spirit by fostering inter-personal bonds in the team so that your company can achieve an even greater success. Moreover, Rubik Asia assures its clientele that its experiential team learning programs are designed to be enjoyable and constructive, yet challenging, so as to achieve lasting benefits. You can find more about our tam building activities and other solutions offered by contacting us.

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