Vietnam is located at Tropical monsoon climate, so its climate is not clear for 4 seasons as temperated zone. However, thanks to the different topography of each region so each region has its own unique climatic features. If you want to know, 4 seasons should go to where the most beautiful place in Vietnam, follow Rubik Asia to explore!

  1. Spring_Ho Chi Minh City

Spring is always the most important season of the year for Vietnamese people because this is the season of great festivals, seasons of harvest and joy. “Tet” or Lunar New Year is an extremely important holiday, the Vietnamese get a long rest after a year of hard work, the children have the opportunity to return to reunite with their families.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the atmosphere becomes more bustling every spring, the streets are decorated with colorful colors, full of flowers. The people buy things for a new year, red and yellow cover the sky. The activities to celebrate the New Year are also taken place continuously and throughout the holidays: such as countdown music festival, spring festival, “Ong Do” festival, … Each family cooks Tet’s traditional dishes like banh chung, braised pork stew, bitter melon soup, ..

If you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam on the first days of the year, do not forget to visit Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy the Tet atmosphere of Vietnamese people!

  1. Summer_Danang

If you come to Vietnam in the summer, do not hesitate to book a ticket to the beautiful coastal city of Vietnam – Danang. Danang is becoming an extremely hot destination on the world tourism map. Coming to Danang, you will be free to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the festival, beautiful beaches, great food and ideal sights.

In Danang, summer is the most ideal time for activities on the beach, the weather is not too hot, windy and no rain. Join the unique Carnival festivals at Bana Hill, the afternoon is an ideal time for surfing, kite flying, hot air balloon festival and beach activities. The evening is a colorful space with an international fireworks festival and harmonizes with the young people in impressive street dances.

  1. Autumn_Hanoi

Hanoi is always the most beautiful in the fall, that beauty has even gone into poetry making many hearts sobbing. Because in the fall, the weather in Hanoi is cold, with a little drizzle in the morning, bringing Hanoi a fresh atmosphere of life. This is the most romantic time of Hanoi. Because all the roads will be filled with the yellow color of the leaves, the white color and the typical scent of milk flowers or the lake shading the red of willow trees. In addition, this is also the season of young rice, with countless delicious dishes made from young rice.

Autumn Hanoi is also beautiful because Hanoi people in this season seem to become tenderness than ever. The resent and discomfort of busy life seems to be forgotten when autumn comes. Hanoi people become more romantic, everywhere the alleyways see the silhouette of loving couples. Autumn also makes ancient attractions such as temples and shrines become quieter and more poetic.

  1. Winter_Mộc Châu

Moc Chau is probably a relatively new destination in Vietnam for domestic and foreign tourists. In the future it will become a great destination for those who love the beauty of nature. Moc Chau is beautiful every season, but the most beautiful is probably in the late winter and early spring. Because of this season, the flowers will race to bloom. Along the way to Moc Chau will be wild sunflowers on the two sides of the road or hills of white grass swaying in the wind, an extremely romantic scene for couples in love.

Besides, immense green tea hills will be the ideal destination for close friends. Or Son Moc Huong cave, strip Yem waterfall, Ang forest are also great places to explore. Coming to Moc Chau, you also have the opportunity to experience the indigenous culture, because this is the home of many ethnic people. At home on stilts, enjoying food, drinking wine, .. all will make a great trip.

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