Music is a vital factor for the mind in this life, and that included magic rhythms can raise you whenever you are down, unleash the energy laid deep inside you. And of course, to combine the music with Team building activities is possible, have you ever tried it? Let’s see our recommendations.

1. One Voice

As confidence builds, they are then challenged to achieve more and more until the whole team comes together in song uniquely tailored to the group. Their final song can also be available for them to take home as a special reminder of this fantastic collective experience.

One Voice based on extensive research into the power of group singing to boost the social, emotional, and psychological well being of individuals. Once Voice demands focused concentration on a variety of actions such as listening and watching the facilitator intently, remembering the words and listening to one’s voice and other voices in harmony. This focused attention concerns releases stress and puts participants in an attentive and receptive state of mind.

2. Orchestrate!

In Orchestrate, a group of people with no musical ability learn to play like a real symphony orchestra in just 90 minutes. The included instruments are strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion. Each team works in separate sections under the guidance of expert musicians. When proficient they come together as one mighty symphony orchestra under the baton of the conductor. The effect is electrifying.

Orchestrate helps participants know how far they can go and confirm that there are no limits. You might have to work hard, but the result is a fantastic reward for you and your team when all of you perform as an orchestra in the final stage.

3. Music for Us

Music for us goes with Bam Booms, single note professional instruments we have created to allow non- musicians from all ages to have fun at every stage of music apprenticing. Participants follow detailed instructions and learn basic music knowledge to use those. Then they play together as a big group to create harmonious and uplifting music.

This activity helps participants learn the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration. In a relaxed atmosphere, networking, and communication to achieve their common goal. This fun and engaging program brings people together through the joy of collective giving.

4. Harmonica Harmony

The team is introduced to their instruments and then move on to the basics of blues harp by one of the greatest blues harmonica players. Soon participants are playing blues together as one and are chugging away with the infectious rhythms. As a souvenir of the session the team members get to take their harmonica home with them – these can be branded with your company logo or conference theme.

Harmonica Harmony is a high energy experience, that literally, blows away perceived limitations to prove that with teamwork, good communication and belief, anything is possible. It transforms teams by stretching personal limits, opening minds, and bringing individuals together uniquely and compellingly that will be long remembered. By the time they hit the buffers, the team will be energized and exhilarated – they can now play the blues.

5. Street Beat

The participants work together in 90 minutes, exploring the sounds which can be made from instruments such as trash cans, drain pipes, and yard brushes, and the visual effects which can be created from a host of ‘urban uniform’ items. When the groups come together to learn to work as one to produce a harmonious, concordant sound. Finally, they come together to perform the Street Beat.

With the use of back to basics, trash style instrumentation Street Beat is a practical demonstration of reuse and recycle. Take the concept one step further invite participants to bring recycled materials to use to the event.

Working against the clock, and with limited resources, it will take hard work, loads of teamwork and all the creative energy the group can muster to put on a memorable performance. Street Beat is all about working together as a team to reach a common goal.