Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a notion that is very close to most enterprises. Nowadays, most enterprises realize that they want sustainable development, contributing to the common goals of society is extremely necessary.

And for Rubik Asia, the type of CSR Team building is yearly organized for many domestic and foreign enterprise units to participate in this activity. Our production system has over 130 CSR Team Building programs such as Bookworx, Building A Dream, Hole in One, Tree Mend Us, etc. therefore, you can freely choose the product that fits your requirements.

In Vietnam, CSR Team building is usually in poor villages that need help, especially in Sapa – a lovely small town in the Northwest mountain. In addition to being famous for tourism, Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities where the climate is harsh. Public schools are lacking libraries for children to learn from the storage of books so that enterprises often come here to do charitable activities.

Village in Sapa

Rubik Asia has 2 CSR Team Building products that enterprises can use are Bookworx and Building A Dream.

Bookworx is a team activity that participants construct and design bookshelves on the common theme.


Building A Dream is about assembling and giving bikes to children, and the disassembled bicycle parts require the intelligence and agility of teams to complete as many bikes as possible.

Building a Dream

Each of our CSR Team Building products has different meanings and values. If you are looking for a company trip that combines travel and CSR Team building, do not hesitate to contact us.

Profits come not only from money but also from the values we give them.