Come with Rubik Asia, join Go Team in Sapa

“Sapa is a small “cloud-town” in the north-west of Vietnam, and highly impresses numerous visitors by the relaxing atmosphere, the diverse cultures, the friendly villagers, the field terraces, and the gorgeous mountain views. In the cold weather, It’s so exciting to explore the daily life of the ethnic minorities here while dressing the traditional costumes, watching “Wife Catching” of H’mong people, and experiencing the special herbal bath of Red Dao people. The best time to go is right on this September because the ripe rice season makes this place become a stunningly smooth, tinkle soft gold silk band. Some famous sightseeings have beautiful sceneries such as Fansipan & Ham Rong Mountain, Muong Hoa Valley, O Quy Ho Pass, The Stone Church, Silver Waterfall, Villages (Cat Cat, Ta Van, Ta Phin, Sin Chai), etc.

Square conquers Fansipan in 2017

Rubik Asia Teambuilding has organized the Go Team program in Sapa with the 10-kilometer walking journey. It is a High Tech Team Building activities from Catalyst Global using GPS to create checkpoints and then set up challenges. Go Team takes teams outside their working environment, improves communication, and encourages them to think creatively. The challenges in our app ensure that participants explore specific learning outcomes, have a fun shared experience, and visit the travel destinations in a new way.

Foreigner wears H’mong dress – Source: Valerie Wheatly

Do you know why “Go Team – Sapa” is at the top of our recommendation? Because one of the key benefits of “Go Team – Sapa” is to give you the chance to fully engage with your colleagues in the activities, break the barriers and bring all together. Its missions allow your team to complete the multiple requests. Example: Sing a Vietnamese song, wear H’mong dress, dance with ethnic minorities, take a Red Dao herbal bath, discover Love Market and so on.

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