Ho Chi Minh – A “crazy” city

When you are planning your company trip to travel to Vietnam. Where do you want to come first? Northern, Central or Southern. Each region will have different placename with large cities and landscapes. Today, we introduce to you one of the best cities in Vietnam with a lovely name A “crazy” city. Can you guess what city? You’re right: Ho Chi Minh City.

But why I say “A crazy city”? Let’s check 3 things:

In HCMC, you will see the harmony in architecture with to mix up between tall buildings and France architecture. That’s a unique beauty just in here. You’ll have amazing shoots at Notre Dam Cathedral, Saigon Post Office, Saigon Opera House,… and don’t forget to post it on Instagram   

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee

Ho Chi Minh is an economically developed city so there are many immigrants from many countries around the world. This leads to cultural diversity, you can see the bustling in china town, the meandering Japanese alleys or the dynamic street corners like New York. So, come here and enjoy this diverse culture.

A coner of the street in Ho Chi Minh City


You will never be hungry when you’re here. Ho Chi Minh City is known as the culinary paradise of  Vietnam. You can enjoy food throughout Vietnam here, just need to know how to scour every corner of Saigon. And the food will not disappoint you with great taste and variety.

Bun Ca – a specialities

Sounds great, isn’t it?

Why don’t you quickly visit our city? There will be a lot of surprises for you. And we will also give you good quality team building products, support for your personnel training activities.

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