In Vietnam, there is a destination that has been famous for a long time, but until now it’s hotness has not diminished, because the beauty of it over the years is still like that. For nature lovers, here is a great destination. Let’s Rubik Asia explore 3 reasons you should come to Ha Long Bay! 

  1. A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ha Long Bay was first listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, in recognition of its outstanding, universal aesthetic value. In 2000 the World Heritage Committee additionally recognized Ha Long Bay for its outstanding geological and geomorphological value. Hence Ha Long Bay is twice granted World Heritage status for a reason: It is really that picturesque. The trademark emerald green water and 3,000 islands of towering limestone are worth your visit. Sometimes you really need to believe the hype. 

Ha Long Bay Overview

  1. Spectacular mountain and sea scenery

The terrain of Halong Bay encompasses islands and mountains interspersed between sea valleys and limestone cliff islands. This creates wonderful scenic contrasts of rock, water and sky. Halong Bay underwent limestone tectonic processes about 500 million years ago, and Karst formations over 20 million years. This process created thousands of limestone towers and caves, each with its own  distinct shape, and they are unlike any islands or bay areas in Vietnam. Halong Bay has 14 endemic plant species and about 60 endemic animal species that have been discovered among the thousands of plant and animal populations here. 

This combination of limestone islands, caves and marine life makes for a breathtaking scenery in which travelers cannot help but marvel at its beauty. 

The beauty of caves

  1. Fantastic cruise experience

For a stellar experience on the water, look no further than wooden boats called junks which are abundant in Ha long Bay and come in different price ranges. It is probably the best means of travelling in the region. A Junk voyage sailing through the wonders of this Bay could range from a few hours to spending a day or even a night on board but the experience is truly outclass and wonderful. 

You can watch the sunrise or sunset on the desk of the cruisers and admire from above (seaplanes, the top of Titop, Poem Mountain), visit some famous caves, rocky islands, fishing village of Halong Bay. For adventurous travelers, who will experience the special feeling when surfing on the waves with water motos, kayaking through stone islands, swimming under the blue waves, or hiking in the Titop island, Soi Sim island to enjoy the majestic scenery of Halong Bay. 

Ha Long Cruise Premium

Ha Long Cruise Premium

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