In Vietnam, there is a beautiful small city called with many dainty names: “miniature Paris”, “City thousands of flowers” or “City of dreamlike”. Because this beautiful city really to come in people’s hearts by its poetic and unique beauty. And in an Asian country with a hot climate like Vietnam, few cities have the same ancient and dreamy European character as Dalat.

And if you love the beauty of Europe, but do not have the conditions to go there, then do not hesitate, let’s Rubik Asia explore Dalat – a city like Europe in the heart of Asia.

Da Lat City in the mist

The distance between Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh City is 300km, Da Lat located in a hilly region of the Central Highlands. It brings with itself the poetic and romantic beauty of France, the pristine beauty of immense pine forests and colorful flower hills, not to mention the typical cultural features of the ethnic minorities here.

  1. French architectural works.

What you can easily recognize the most French feature in Da Lat is the architectural works here: the churches, schools, houses, .. all of which have a very special character, a European nostalgic feature.

Da Lat’s specialties are ancient villas with Gothic architecture that are more than a hundred years old, it can be villas that are still used or fallowed long ago with magical stories, and that stories have been transmitted from one person to another.

Da Lat Railway Station

Dalat was discovered by Dr. Jersin – one of the doctors loved by Vietnamese. On the other hand, the French came to Vietnam to colonize, exploit our people, and they chose Da Lat to build a resort city for themselves, to ease their nostalgia. But over time, and after nearly 100 years, the architectural works here are still there, it seems like the Vietnamese have harmonized it in life so that they are not images of oppression and exploitation, but instead is the integration and relaxation. If you heed, almost all architecture work still has something so Vietnamese.

       2. A romantic space with immense pine forests, clear lake, and fresh atmosphere.

Dalat is different from other cities in Vietnam because this city has a lot of pine trees. The vast pine forests spread out on the green hills have brought a unique feature only in Dalat. Pine forests shine brightly in the morning but are solitary at sunset. Because of that, the pine forests in Dalat so easy to enter poetry.

Another natural sight creates the poetic of Da Lat, which is the lake and waterfall. It makes Dalat more romantic and lyrical. Dalat has many lakes, the most famous of which is Xuan Huong Lake in the center of the city and then Tuyen Lam Lake. The image of beautiful little swan boats floating on the lake makes people think of two words of peace. The majestic waterfalls are inherent in with mysterious stories, such as Camly waterfall, Datanla, Pongour … the waterfalls flowing day and night as proof for the strong vitality of Dalat.

The pine forest and lake

Besides, Dalat weather is a great plus for you to feel the atmosphere of Europe. Because Dalat is located in a mountainous region, the temperature is much lower than in other cities in Vietnam. Da Lat will be cold in the early morning and become cooler in the afternoon until the evening Dalat’s temperature becomes lowest. The people have a funny compare, if you want to feel fastest the climate of the four seasons in the year, let’s come to Dalat.

         3. The city thousands of flowers

If you are a flower lover, then come to Da Lat once in your life! Due to special geographical and climatic conditions, Da Lat can grow a lot of flowers, including imported flower varieties: roses, rhododendron, Asteraceae, … There are many beautiful flower fields spread out immense length, to be spoilt for young people’s virtual living. You can also visit the flower villages here to visit and buy flowers: Ha Dong flower village, Van Thanh flower village, …

In addition, Da Lat is also a place to grow special agricultural products such as broccoli, carrot, … Agricultural products in Dalat are considered to be lush and affordable. From these raw materials of agricultural products and flowers, Da Lat people have created special dishes: dried jam, candy, juice, essential oils, … that visitors can only buy when coming to Dalat. 

Hydrangeas hills

That is still not enough to mention the beauty and attractiveness that Dalat brings, and other factors such as cuisine, cultural identity, … that we do not mention here. But Rubik will also reveal to you, this is also a great city for indoor and outdoor team building activities. If you have the opportunity to Vietnam, do not miss this beautiful city!

So do not hesitate to contact us immediately, to save a slot for the trip to Dalat with impressive team building activities.