In the first months of 2020, the world seems to be engulfed in the gloom of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pandemic does not only affect health, but it also affects many other fields of life: economy, education, environment, … most fields have to be stagnated by disease.

As for Rubik Asia, we have a special training product for businesses during the epidemic season. You don’t need to go anywhere, just stay in your office to join our team building activity.

  1. Peak Performance – technology and indoor team building

Peak Performance is an interactive business game on the tablet, this activity can also be organized remotely. With Peak Performance, the teams play the role of a company providing Everest conquest service to customers,  they must ensure a balance between two things: satisfying the needs – ensure customer safety and corporate benefits.

One team is discussing

During a 20 day expedition, teams aim to guide their clients up to the top of Mount Everest and then safely back to base camp. They must consider a range of factors including weather, the best route to the summit, acclimatization, use of oxygen, pitching tents and strategies to outwit other teams in order to win. Teams need to take time to speed up themselves, move the first on the day or smoothly complete the strategy before the time is up, which is beneficial for the team in terms of time and score.

In addition, players will have a great experience and learn survival skills when doing the challenges in Peak Performance such as pop-up tent pack ups, a blindfold climbing harness challenge, and sleeping bag stuffing.


The teams are fighting

       2. Can also be organized remotely – play right at the client’s office

Because this is a technological product, we run Peak Performance with the system. Players will use the iPad, the main screen or the points system will be calculated by the app. Therefore, we do not spend much manpower, even game items are extremely simple.


Master screen

We can pack, deliver and carry out the product right at your office quickly. To maximize the number of manpower, we only need 1-2 training support person, the rest of our system will be remotely controlled.

      3. Key benefit

Peak Performance is an effective learning tool for personnel training on all levels of business. The product is best demonstrated to enables participants to experience learning in less time and with lasting results, because all the elements in the game are related to the actual business situation. The weather is symbolic of the volatility of the market, the moving is symbolic of the business strategy of the business, … A team-building product when you play for entertainment purposes has brought many business lessons.


Activities challenges

With many different roles in the same game, each member will realize the importance of each department in a chain of business operations. Or how to express the role of leader when at a team with have a combination of many roles with different personalities. All will be evident when we participate in the Peak Performance.

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