When we mention to the team building on the beach, certainly everyone thinks about activities like passing the ball, give water, etc.. (the games just hear the name you will know what playing in this game). Can you guess what we bring to you? Aha, Rubik Asia will bring to you 3 impression international team building products line, with technology trend.


This is a best seller product line of Catalyst, apply GPS on Go Team App to lead teams on the thorny treasure hunt. Go Team has been set up on the Ipad and uses the checkpoints to guide the team to come to the challenge location. Funny, thorny and do not less compete, Go Team will bring to you the skills about teamwork, conservation as well as promote their capacity.


With activities on the beach, Flat Out Afloat and Flat out Pyramid are 2 unique products in Flat Out line of Catalyst. The puzzle pieces will help your staff becoming scrupulous, detailed thinking and working more effectively. All teams create a giant pyramid together (Flat out Pyramid) and the boats to racing on the sea (Flat out Afloat) from simple pieces carton.


Like Go Team, Escape the Island use Ipad and checkpoints to lead teams into the racing, with context is lost on a desert island. The survival skills will be transmitted to the player by-product one way enjoyable and full defiantly. Players are forced to overcome challenges to fight for their survival. Wow!

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