Top 3 coastal cities in Vietnam suitable for team building activity

We have a long coast over 3000 km that reason why we have beautiful coastal cities along with the country. Let see some options here for your selection:

1. Danang

Here is one of the best coastal cities in Vietnam with several beautiful beaches. My Khe Beach at Danang has been selected as “one of the most attractive beaches on the planet” by Forbes Magazine. In here, you will feel how is summer team building with the beach, seafood, nature and ancient town. Diversifying a terrain and types of service lead to multiform team building products.

2. Phu Quoc

This is one of the most beautiful islands with pristine beaches and clearest in Vietnam. Here you will enjoy a great vacation with 5 stars quality service (restaurants, hotels), beautiful beaches, the new Safari area with hundreds of animals and especially abundant in seafood.

3. Phan Thiet

To been called “The heaven of the resort”, Phan Thiet become ideal destinations for vacations of domestic and international tourist. With hundreds of resorts along the coast from luxury to normal, all are meet the demand’s tourist. Besides, deserts and wine are specialty indispensable, you must walking on the desert to feel the magic of nature and savor wine to feel finesse of local person.

If you falling love one of each 3 places above, let contacts us now to get an amazing company trip with the best team building products.

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