Human resources are always the key factor in the development of business. Recruitment or human resource management requires high professional qualifications to be able to find out the high-quality personnel. That is not enough to grow business, the core here is to find a way to develop the individual competencies of each employee.

1. Create a capacity framework

The capacity framework does not seem strange to most businesses, building a “functional” capacity framework for each business function in the enterprise is like creating a list with a range of skills that businesses want employees to improve. To create the capacity framework is important to note and based on three factors: knowledge, skills, and attitudes because an ability employee must meet these three factors. Creating a competency framework not only helps managers assess the competence of their employees but also assists them in the recruitment process of new human resources.

2. Apply their strengths to the common goal.

Helping employees understand each other’s strengths in the organization, this way not only builds a strong professional image for the business but also enhances the professional skills of each individual. Managers should assign tasks to the employees’ strengths so that they have the opportunity to maximize their capabilities.

3. Challenge them to “demanding” projects.

There is a way to test and develop an employee’s potential that is to give them a challenge that goes far beyond the skills they have shown before. For example, select an activity from your job description and let the people who you want to evaluate and develop carry on that activity for a specific period. Explaining to people what you will challenge them. Describe in detail what they have to do and how to do it, as well as how you can test them and show them good and bad examples.

4. Empowerment

HR Director lets employees decide and take responsibility when applying their strengths to the job. They will be more proactive and in control when they receive the trust of the business to perform that job. You do not force but develop employee strength by trust and motivation. If the employee does not have this factor, then they are not worth investing in.

5. Rotation challenge (for employees to work in another department).

Job rotation is a well-known method of assigning individuals to different parts of an organization. This is also a way to test potential people in many situations as well as to cultivate their competencies.

Above are five methods to help businesses maximize the capacity of their personnel. One more method that Catalyst wants to share with you is for people to participate in team-building training sessions — a great opportunity for individuals to realize their abilities and develop their capabilities.

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