There are simple journeys but there will also be difficult and challenging journeys. Like conquering Everest for example. You have good health, good trekking skills but not ensure you will have successfully conquered Everest. Because you have to understand what Everest wants to train you and how do you apply those lessons?

    Solidarityis essential in the journey to conquer Everest. We cannot climb Everest alone without the support from teammates. The first lesson Everest wants to send you: “Don’t go alone, working to have a good team, understand thoroughly and support each other“.
    A company, corporation or simply a group always needs a leader. The leader needs to know how to take advantage of resources from the team members, must understand the strengths and weaknesses of each member to assign the right job, the right person. The second lesson Everest send to you: “Understand thoroughly your employees, performance will be improved“.
    Have2 factors: Who does what? And how? All people are shown and applied thoroughly on the journey to conquer Everest. Knowing how to assign the work, plan, each individual knows their role will make the journey to conquer Everest easier. The third lesson: “Good planning is always the key to success“.
    Whenhaving difficulties, your attitude will have 2 extremes of 2 types of people: successful people and failing people: Successful people: always find solutions when facing problems. failing people: advocating, blaming, finding reasons,… The fourth lesson Everest sends you: “Change your mindset, don’t let yourself be a failure.”

4 lessons, 4 ways to change yourself and your team. Catalyst is so pleased to bring a business a quality team building product with named Peak Performance_ re-create the journey to conquer the legendary Mount Everest with the key benefits that only Peak Performance can bring to you.

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