If you are a regular client of Rubik Asia, surely you must have used Go Team at least once. Not only for the Vietnam market, but most of the Catalyst’s partners around the world also have the best seller are Go Team, too.  So? How attractive is Go Team that more than 200 businesses worldwide choose this product for their training activities. 

Let’s decipher this attraction with Rubik Asia! 

The team is discussing

  1. Go Team – the team building product from the United Kingdom.

Society is more and more developed, bring about a series of technological products that were born. All fields of life used technology to increase convenience and performance. Team building products are no exception. It will no longer be a normal outdoor activity, it will be accompanied by technology products that bring a great experience for players but no less attractive, and Go Team is one of them.

Go Team was created by Catalyst Global – one of the famous Team Building businesses in the UK, and until now there are more than 30 partners in the world. Integrating all the functions and requirements of a Team Building activity into the iPad has shown the greatness of the Go Team. With Go Team you can play Outdoor or Indoor as you like, all products can be adjusted to suit customers’ requirements.

To carry out the challenge

      2. Modern features and convenience of the product.

Go Team will led players to an exciting race with the iPad. All features include the map where the play area, the location of the challenge is had encoded by with funny icons, determine the location the other teams or the interactive message with admin, … and many more that made the race more thorny and exciting.

There will be no more grapple images with huge tools and boring games over the years. Go Team will bring players dynamism and modernity, each team will have an iPad with a series of challenges set up on the map. The GPS navigation in the app, players will find out the location of challenges and implement them. Challenges will include taking photos, videos and answering questions.

Go Team App

      3. Go Team brings a lot of value, training lessons for businesses.

Go Team is diverse in different types of challenges so it requires the members of the team to use all of their skills to overcome them together. Therefore, Go Team brings a lot of values and lessons for businesses, can list some of the following lessons:

  • Personnel connection: Go Team – the name means going together and doing together. Because of that, when playing Go Team, the team members will have the opportunity to support each other. 
  • Express individual strengths: Go Team have diverse challenges so that it is necessary to coordinate each individual. There will be people who are good at math, someone who is good at singing or any other skill, each individual will show their strengths to support the team.
  • Cross-functional cooperation: A growing business is an enterprise that needs to connect and support each other among all divisions. Go Team is not just a race, but also a big challenge for the whole business so that during the process of playing, the teams need cooperation to overcome together.
  • Improve communication skills and confidence in crowds: this will be evident throughout the playing process of each team, raising personal opinions of each person, not only helps the leader understand the strengths, weaknesses of each member but also help members to better understand each other, thereby supporting each other at work. The fun challenges of the Go Team will help the timid people sociable with everyone.

Debriefing after finish the Go Team

     4. Go Team challenges all attendee’s limits.

The challenge is not only in the number and difficulty of each challenge but also in the distance and the process of the implementation. With outdoor, players can play in mountainous areas, or long walk, not to mention during the journey to find the exact location of each challenge and implement them. Therefore, Go Team needs people will of steel and will train players to go overcome their limits.

With 4 things above, Go Team became the best seller in hundreds of team building products’s Catalyst. At Catalyst we always bring the best quality products to each customer. Depending on the values they want to convey to their personnel, we will choose the right team building product to convey them and sometimes more.

One of the funny challenges

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