On the 16th – 18th October in QueenstownNew Zealand, we had a meeting of full energy with all Asia partner of CatalystAsia Zone Conference 2019.

3 days full of laughing and enthusiasm with lots of useful activity. With calibre conference like this, we always have common goals are introduced and experience new team building product, update the general trend and common direction of Catalyst Global. And especially is towards values and the best interests for the customer.

Let’s take a look at some highlights activity in Catalyst Conference in Asia Zone 2019!

Day 1: Opening conference with the subjectProduct, Sales & Staffing”. In the afternoon, experience Shotover Jet.

Day 2: The conference with the subjectBusiness Management, Marketing, Customer Relationship”. In the afternoon, biking around the Vineyards.

Day 3: The conference with the subjectNew Power Values & The Power of Teambuilding Network”. In the afternoon, experience new team building products: The Infinite Loop, Music 4 us Ibuild.

And finally, the Award Ceremony Catalyst, for partners who achieved high results last year.