Square is one of our close customers. They always choose us for personnel coaching and team-building activities. That’s the reason why we continue fellow-traveler in this year.

️2 days in Can Gio are unforgettable to us. Square’s staff had been experiencing 2 of our special products: River Runner and Ibuild. In there, Ibuild is a totally new product and Square is the first company in Asia had been using it.

River Runner provides raft knowledge, rescue and the necessary skills for the player. But not simple, Square’s staff played the part of raft business company on the largest river in the world. They planned the trip: how many days to come lower section?; How many foods need to be been store? How can we get customer satisfaction? And of course, they had done it, and find out the way to balance between profits and customer satisfaction.

Ibuild is funny and logic. They were being an insider quickly. Architect, Courier, Builder, and Feedback_ 4 roles in the working system. The funny verbalizes make the game become eventful and interesting more.️ They clearly understand their role and find a way for teammates to understand what want they say. The product of the builder will reflect their effect work.

Not stop there, we still have a lot of values that want to bring for you. Square had believed and chosen us. How about you?

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