They’re from Chip Mong Bank – a digital banking at Cambodia with youth, dynamic, and full zeal. Those young people had chosen Vietnam for a 2-day training break out with numerous useful lessons.

Burst out emotionally with Flat Out Pyramid, pieces of Pyramid made by meticulous of each member, the right guidance of team leaders, the solidarity of all members and collaborate of all teams. They are provided with the plans and tools to create individual 3D shapes. And finally, they had a giantChip Mong Pyramid”, it’s the foundation for sustainable development.

With Go Team, they had an amazing afternoon to explore Ho Chi Minh City. The Ipad with available checkpoints leads all participants to funny challenges, compels the players to do the best of themselves. And they have also learned how to solve the problem during the journeyIt enhanced their communication, collaboration skill, and team dynamic. And, Go Team has left a lot of memorable moments.

Because everyone has their personal skills as a piece in the big picture and they need to give their hands to work together to unleash their potential power to contribute to the company”.

And that all the feelings, values and lessons we want to bring for our client. And we ensure not only CMCB but also other clients will get the same things.

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