Explosive, dramatic and colorful are all the words to describe this monumental event.

Flamingo Grand Prix 2019

The perfect combination of QuickFire and Flat out Formula 1 – 2 outstanding team building products of Catalyst has brought a successful event for HTC Corporation.

QuickFire gives agility and solves problems for players. With the iPad, each member has used their skills to complete a series of fun challenges with mental, activity and creative. It is the solidarity and management role of the leader who helped the team successfully conquer this game.

Quick Fire Qualifying 2019

Flat Out Formula 1, another challenging race for HTC members, the teams take the part of professional engineers, designing their F1 racing cars. And finally, become a great racer on the F1 race full of thorns. The combination of perfect teamwork and rhythmic, the spirit of passion for learning, solidarity for the common goal of the collective is the main key to the success of F1 engineers.

F1 Grand Prix

What is better than a team building activity that is both fun and effective for your business?

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