On January 15th, Rubik Asia organized a Team Building for senior staff’s Phong Vu Company in the beautiful beach town – Long Hai. Phong Vu is a company trading and distributing technology products and high-tech equipment of the most famous brands in the world. Therefore, the Team Building product that they choose must also meet the first factor that is technology.

Phong Vu Team

And Rubik Asia is where filled with the top high-tech team building products in the world.

QuickFire with another name is “Quick react squad” which has brought a wonderful atmosphere different from normal Team building activities. The series of challenges with mental, creative to activity is integrated into an iPad to make the race has become more thorny.

One of the challenges in QuickFire

The great thing about QuickFire is that it will make players realize the importance of leadership, the way to divide roles in a team and the most important is to identify and promote the strengths of each individual. “Quick react” here, not only refers to the play of each team but on the other hand is the convenience of the iPad. There will be no boring and tired Team Building because of the vast number’s huge items, but instead, just an iPad and some lightweight items had created an activity with fun and useful lessons activity

Strength of the collective

Phong Vu Company has chosen the convenience and high value for their company. And you? What will you choose for your personnel training activities?

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