We have already had a great experience with the people of Action Coach on December 15th, 2019. One day only, but it has full of energetic activities that make all participants feel excited. The full-day program in the middle of Planning Bootcamp 14 journey (13-16/12/2019) includes 3 Catalyst team building products, which are Boom Time, Peak Performance, and Meditainment


Boom Time is a unique conference ice breaker that creates adrenaline-pumping music with Boomwhackers, which are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. This infectious activity transforms any indoor events into a colorful, fast-paced orchestra that will engage, enthuse, and encourage everyone.

Participants follow a high-tech visual interface displayed on the large screen, which guides them in collaborating to generate a fiery symphony of music. Each time the color-coded blocks hit a key, the one who holds the corresponding Boomwhacker color makes musical notes. As the event progresses, the pace and complexity both grow; blocks move faster, and teams respond more vigorously to keep the rhythm building to an uplifting crescendo.

Boom Time has proven successful worldwide in generating a sense of excitement and unity in a team. Requiring involvement from all individuals, and collaboration as a group, this team building activity nurtures openness and teamwork.

Peak Performance is an emotionally gripping experiential learning tool designed to change people’s understanding of and attitude towards many aspects of how they play life in business and pleasure.

During a 20 day expedition, teams aim to guide their clients up to the top of Mount Everest and then safely back to base camp. They must consider a range of factors, including client fitness levels, weather, the best route to the summit, acclimatization, use of oxygen, pitching tents, and strategies to outwit other teams to win. Teams race against the other teams to make swift yet intelligent and sober decisions. Teams complete a series of challenges related to tents, sleeping bags, flags, knots, and foods to get bonus scores.

Peak Performance enables participants to experience learning in less time and with lasting results through the use of engaging themes, tactile components, and relevant links to their business environment. It has become a widely accepted way of improving learning and development right in your workplace. Participants use reflective observation to identify what occurred during the exercise. Then they are invited to parallel these observations to real-life circumstances. In doing so, participants can make permanent, effective changes in behavior.

Meditainment – The online library contains 34 guided meditations with stories, music, and sounds of nature. Meditation begins with a short calming exercise that leads into an engaging story-line that takes you on a journey to a natural environment.

Access to the Meditainment library is offered to individuals directly from corporate intranets or through enrolment on the web-based corporate management and reporting portal. Individuals get lifetime access to the library of 34 guided meditations for unlimited use and are easily and enjoyed from any device, including mobiles & tablets.

Encourage a good living and working environment by providing a tool to promote mental wellbeing, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. Help everyone become better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs, with the skills they practice of meditation brings. Boost morale and mood with an entertaining and fun form of meditation that anyone can benefit from and enjoy.

The flow for efficiently coaching that Rubik Asia runs that day is:

  • Boom Time & Peak Performance Training in the morning (8:00 – 12:00); 
  • Meditainment & Peak Performance in the afternoon (13:30 – 17:30).

Then Action Coach debriefed to ensure each member realized some learning outcomes via the multiple team building activities.

Many thanks for choosing Catalyst products! Contact our consultant via 0937967144 (Mr. Nhan) or jason@rubikasia.com to discuss your next training event!