ActionCoach CBD is one of Rubik Asia’s loyal customers. Because they always believe in the quality of our products.

On February 29, we had the opportunity again to meet business owners who are Action Coach’s trainee. Rubik Asia has brought a training program of 2-3 products: Boom Time, Peak Performance and Meditainment. In which Peak Performance is the main core product throughout the event.

The business owner

The business owners attend the coaching

Peak Performance is an interactive business game on the tablet, the teams play the role of a company providing Everest conquest service to customers, they must ensure a balance between two things: satisfying the needs – ensure customer safety and corporate benefits.

They need to thoroughly grasp three important things in Peak Performance, which are: 

  1. Grasping the rules of the game and the role of each individual: this is an extremely important factor to determine whether a business is successful. Because, grasping the rules is the same as grasping the way of doing business, each individual who understands and promotes their role, the business will grow surely.
  2. Mastering the fluctuations of the weather (market): to conquer Everest, health and experience are not enough, mastering the weather is the way to support customers to conquer successfully. This is similar to the business owner who is aware of market fluctuations to get the right business steps.
  3. Customer safety first: in the journey to conquer Everest, satisfying customers’ wishes is important but the most important factor which is still their safety.

One team discussing how to play Peak Performance

Besides Peak Performance, business owners also experienced Boom Time – a unique Rubik Asia’s music team building product. Boom Time creates a fun and exciting symphony from Boomwhacker, participants must collaborate with other members to create the melody for the song. Collaboration and comprehensive are the key benefits to the success of this game.

At the end of the event is the sharing session of each attender, they have really learned valuable business lessons for their business. The sharing, the lessons, and the desire been mention to had helped to prove the effectiveness of training which Catalyst’s team building product brings out.


Teams are finding ways to run their businesses

Team building is not simply about helping the personnel is close-kit but also to draw business lessons through the game. Rubik Asia’s products always focus on business lessons, the key benefits, and the values that employees receive. So, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to receive valuable key benefits for your business.

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