In January 2020, Rubik Asia had the opportunity to cooperate with Asia Ability – one of Catalyst Globla’s partners in Malaysia and Singapore. 

We had a great meeting to host the Go Give for over 150 guests at the Intercontinental Hotel. 

Asia Ability & Rubik Asia _ We are a team!

Go Team – Go Give is a team building that works for charity causes, we are affiliated with charitable organization call B1G1, the amount of money that the teams completing challenges in Go Team will be used to donate to this organization. 

With the Ao Dai, we have accompanied the teams to explore the beauty of Saigon as well as the traditional culture of Vietnam. With the Ipad, the teams had an afternoon passing through the landmark in Ho Chi Minh city and do the fun of challenges such as: taking photos, record video,..

A team is fulfilling its challenge.

Go Team – Go Give will be a great choice for businesses that want to participate in CSR activities in conjunction with Team Building. Go Team – Go Give could play anywhere, any terrain, to demonstrate the modernity of the management as well as bring a lot of business value, and especially the giving of the personnel. The more determined’s participants do more challenges, then the cash they for charity will be more and more.  

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