On the evening of February 29, at the Square’s gratitude session to partners, with more than 30 other enterprises, Rubik Asia had the opportunity to showcase its products to other businesses.

giới thiệu

Introduce product

The gratitude session took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere, the stands were located at the bottom of the auditorium. Businesses from construction companies, office furniture, and even book business, etc… brought a colorful and interesting the exhibition.

với đối tác

With another partners

As for Rubik Asia, we display the most unique team building products of Catalyst. Colorful boomtime sticks, the helmet for trekking in Peak Performance, and specially Ipad – representing technological team building products. We met many partners and shared with them our best team building products.


The gratitude session and exhibition gave a great space for businesses to interact and collaborate with each other. If you want to know more details about our products, do not hesitate to call or send email!

Email: jason@rubikasia.com