Tet Holiday is the funniest vacation in Vietnam when many festivals occur, especially the Spring Fair. It usually includes multiple activities such as Face Painting, Photo Booth, Camping, Music, Games, and so on that separated from each other. At the end of 2019, Rubik AsiaCatalyst Vietnam completely updated the collaboration team building product named Food Truck Challenge from Catalyst Global.

Teams build the Food Truck, make a plan, cook some dishes, choose a suitable price, and run the business. Some kinds of information that each team received are: (1) the core ingredients, (2) the location, (3) clientele, and (4) operation time. Teams have to design, pricing, and prepare everything! Then present their signature dish to the Master Chef. Of course, the company must have a brand, so remember to create an attractive one. A judging panel decides on which is the best food truck business.

Food Truck encourages individuals to join in the cooperate activity, be creative on making task by task, and recognize their strengths through the multiple missions. Remember that each participant needs to be responsible for the assigned role. If your team has 3 following elements: effective communication, detailed planning, and time management, it’s easy to have an opportunity to be the winner. The key business benefits learned through this energetic activity are (1) Promote brand awareness, (2) Energise your teams, (3) Get creative, and (4) Improve Project Management Skills. 

New Year Occasion has a special meaning that it is the beginning of a great journey ahead. If your enterprise wants to choose the unique team building program for a memorable event, Rubik AsiaCatalyst Vietnam is here to provide which activity you prefer! No matter it is Family Day, Client Conference, 10th Anniversary, or so on, we can tailor this product to fit with the core values of your organizational culture, including the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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