Beat The Box

Team building exercises allow employees to appreciate the need for team collaboration in dealing with challenges. One such exercise that allows teams to collaborate to solve a challenge is dubbed Beat the Box, which allows team members to test the limits of their problem-solving skills and ability of teams to cooperate with each other.

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The entire exercise is set to be completed within 2 hours after it begins. It must be conducted in an indoor venue with the minimum population of participants set at 12 while the maximum limit is 200 participants. This exercise contains both competitive and collaborative attributes.

This team building Vietnam exercise allows team members to combine their various problem-solving skills in order to come up with creative solutions as to how they are going to crack a code. Teams must first unlock their individual boxes and then use the clues contained inside the unlocked boxes to figure out the abort code that must be entered into the main box. At this point, teams work together to figure the code that will unlock the electronic combination lock of the main box before the set time duration elapses. The teams win if they enter the abort code before time runs out.

Outline Program

To begin, participants are divided up into teams. Then all teams congregate at a central venue where they watch a mystifying video message that is conveyed by a chilling voice. The message challenges the teams to a game in which all teams have been allocated a pre-determined time to complete the process of cracking a very special code as the time countdown continues. The teams are in a race with time because they are bound to lose if the countdown timer reaches zero before they have cracked the special abort code. If they crack the code before the time elapses, the countdown stops and the teams win.

To start the game, each team is given a locked aluminum box. Each team must work out how to unlock their aluminum box. Inside each aluminum box are a set of 4 intriguing cases, with each case protected by a combination lock. Each team must unlock their four cases using their respective unlock codes, and then use the clues in these cases to discover a set of letters.

All the teams then come together with their set of letters and then rearrange the letters to find a clue. If the letters are arranged correctly, a predefined slogan is discovered and a code can be gleaned at this point. This code when keyed into the electronic combination lock of the main box stops the countdown and unlocks the
main box, and all the teams emerge victorious.

Learning Outcomes

This exercise allows team members to work under pressure. They learn how to maintain their cool under challenging situations, as well as learn how to use a logical approach to solve such challenges. It also highlights the importance of team unity and the need for different work teams to collaborate together when solving a common challenge.

Business Benefits

– Allows participants to explore their fields of excellence.

– Fosters cross-functional cooperation.

– Energizes conferences.

– Promotes networking among employees.

– Fun and motivating exercise.

– Hones strategic communication skills among employees.

– Promotes team dynamics.

– Fosters team cohesion.

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