The Big Picture

In this team-bonding activity, teams collaborate to create a giant multi-canvas artwork. It relies on collaboration among different teams to draw and sew together their art into a large canvas. To work together, these teams need to not only cooperate with each other, but they must also communicate with one another. This allows the teams to work together to create a giant artistic piece that reflects their common goals and values. It can be incorporated into either team-building Singapore or team-building Vietnam.

Outline Program

To begin with, the participants are grouped into different teams. Each team is given a canvas on which it is to paint their art. The team then collects paint, brushes, and a diagram that shows what they are to paint on their canvas. Each team is expected to mix their paints correctly so as to get the desired color of paint that matches the colors in the diagram. A  team that cannot complete any of the aforementioned tasks (color mixing or painting) can ask for assistance from any other team. This makes the whole activity a collaborative effort. This also allows different teams to join their canvases together to see whether the overall picture created matches their desired artwork. Even so, after each team complete painting its canvas, it can take a break while its painted canvas is collected for framing. All the canvases are framed together into one giant artwork that is then veiled by a large cloth. Then the teams are recalled to the viewing stage where they are debriefed for a moment before the Big Picture is unveiled. If it is the desired artwork, the teams will cheer together and applaud the effort of one another.

Learning Outcomes

This team-building activity allows employees to work together to visualize a common goal and strive towards achieving it with a unity of purpose that is glued together by a mutual vision and mission. Ultimately, it enables the employees to reflect on the values, goals, vision, and mission of the company and also appreciate the essence of team unity in helping them achieve their desired goals of improving their total work output. By creating an artwork on a massive scale, the team members can visualize themselves working together to achieve a set objective. Moreover, the employees can cart the Big Picture back to their workplace where they can install it as a permanent reminder of the power of unity and the virtue of collaborative effort.

Corporate-Social Responsibility (CSR)

The activity has a CSR aspect as the employees can decide to donate their Big Picture as a way of giving back to the community. The Big Picture can be used to cover the wall-space in playgrounds, hospices, children homes, and home for the aged.

Business Benefits

– Promotes team dynamics.
– Improves budget control skills.
– Improves customer service skills.
– Fosters cross-functional cooperation.
– Promotes brand awareness.
– Energizes a conference.
– Allows team members to explore their individual talents and competencies.
– Fosters corporate responsibility.
– Promotes networking.
– Fun and motivation.
– Builds practical leadership skills.
– Allows employees to participate in project planning.
– Stimulates creativity.
– Promotes team cohesion.
– Allows teams to visualize their future goals.

Time need: 1 – 3 hours
Space requirement: Indoors & Outdoors
Minimum: 8
Maximum: Unlimited

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