Transform your team into a giant Samba band for teambuilding on a grand musical scale


Time need: 1 – 2 hours
Space requirement: Indoors & Outdoors
Minimum: 10
Maximum: Unlimited

Price: $ 87.00 / pax

Outline Program

Using the infectious rhythms of Brazilian Samba, BeatsWork will create a sense of unity, common purpose and shared achievement in your team. As each person plays their part in time and on cue, you will discover that when individuals work together as one, they become an unstoppable and powerful force.

High energy, collaborative and inspirational, you’ll find that everyone is involved with BeatsWork. Even your most reserved characters will soon be beaming from ear to ear as they collectively stomp, beat, shake and drum in rhythm with their colleagues. Without doubt, BeatsWork is the most exhilarating teambuilding activity to sweep the world. Not only that, but as we are the originators of this infectious teambuilding experience, your delegates will benefit from our extensive experience.

More than 250,000 people have now drummed with us: that’s 250,000 spines that have tingled and 250,000 hearts and minds that have beat as one!

Learning Outcomes

There are many parallels to company structures in the multiple layers of vertical and horizontal integration required to create the incredible BeatsWork finale. This impactful program demonstrates the importance of standard operating procedures in consistently achieving excellence.

When each participant and team fulfils their role and works in synergy, the whole group succeeds. This creates a result greater than the sum of individual effort and a memorable example of the power of focussed common purpose.

Business Benefits

  • Challenges personal limits
  • Focuses the mind
  • Creates a positive attitude
  • Promotes creative thinking
  • Enhances team dynamics

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